CD Audio Catalog

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CD Audio Catalog  is a feature for cataloging and searching your audio CDs collection.

Using this feature you can collect all your CDs information like:

CD tracks titles, descriptions, track numbers
Front, back covers and CD pictures
CD properties
CD description


CD Audio Catalog is integrated with CDDB database feature so you can obtain your CD data from Internet CDDB database.

In addition to obtain the CD data from CDDB, software can download front cover picture from the service.


To open its window click on the CD Catalog button located at main software window's ribbon bar in Media\Libraries group

The CD Audio Catalog window is divided into following parts:


Toolbar which is grouping all the commands you can use to work with the catalog
CD Collection Tree
This list is likes a tree view collection of your CD organized in categories or subcategories
On CD page you may view and edit selected CD tracks and its properties
My CDs
My Cds page is a collection of your all Cds, here also you can view and edit your Cds


Here you can search your CDs database


This page consist two another pages: Search CD, Search Tracks

Each page has visible on the top the Filter Editor you can use to specify your search criteria

Below Filter Editor is a grid on which search result will be shown.


After specifying your search criteria click the Search button located on the CD Audio Catalog ribbon bar.
To see CDs that are listed on search grids simply select a CD with mouse. Selected CD will be shown on other pages in the same way as you select them on Cd collection tree.