Photo Albums is a feature dedicated for cataloging and creating photo albums of your image files on your computer.

To open its window click on the Photo Albums button located at main software window's ribbon bar in Media\Libraries group

Using this feature you can collect all your image files, create albums, view and edit photos, search your collection.

It provides many of commands that let you add albums, create albums categories and organize them in the way you wish.


Photo Albums is not just cataloging feature but also may serve as your image files database. It has ability to store physical files into a single database file as well.

You can use it as you backup repository for your important image files, but also when you store images into a database you can store them as encrypted images.

This will add an additional layer of security.

With this feature you can also view encrypted images that was encrypted by our Sprintbit File Manager program too.



See Photo Albums Databases topic for more information about your data.


How to work with Photo Albums:

Usually your very first step will be to organize your collection, you can create some categories where to you want to put your albums.

After you create your albums library card you can add albums and add image files..


The Photo Albums window is divided into following parts:


Toolbar which is grouping all the commands that you can use to work with the library


Collection Tree
Collection tree of your albums organized into albums and its categories


Photos & Thumbnails
Two viewers of your photos pictures presented in form of photo cards and thumbnails


My Albums
Collection of your albums presented in a form of album cards
Built-in picture viewer with basic images editor


Images library database searcher