Picture Viewer

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Picture Viewer is a feature for viewing either single picture or show a pictures slide show.

You can open viewer by clicking on a Picture Viewer button under Tools group on main software window's ribbon bar.


How to display pictures:

There a three methods

1.Double click on a picture file on the File Browser, picture will be shown on the Picture Viewer window
2.Select a picture file in the File Browser and click the Play button located on the main ribbon bar under Playback group.
Starting the playback of picture actually is starting the pictures slideshow.
Also you can use Pause button to pause the slide show and Stop button to stop the slide show.

3.   Select a PPL playlist file and click the Play button to start the slideshow of playlist



To control the view the following commands are available to use with Picture Viewer and are located on the main ribbon bar under Playback page:


Zoom In

This button zooming in the picture on Picture Viewer window


Zoom Out

This button zooming in the picture on Picture Viewer window


Full Screen

Click on this button to open and view selected picture file in a Full Screen Mode

If no file is selected to view then a blank full screen window with visible toolbar will be opened.
Later you can use  full screen window toolbar commands to open and view files as well.


Picture screen fit modes:
Here you can select how the pictures will be resized to fit picture viewer window bounds.


The picture will be shown with original size
Picture will be resized to fit entire picture viewer window. The picture will be resized proportionally with aspect ratio preserved.


If a picture original size is bigger the picture viewer window then picture will be resized to fit into a picture viewer window otherwise it will be shown in its original size.



You can specify how long you want to have single picture displayed in the general Options window be setting the Images Slideshow Interval property value.

This property is measured in milliseconds, so 2000 millisecond = 2 sec for example.


Home Multimedia Library software provides its own playlist file PPL (Picture Playlist Player) that you can use for pictures slide show with

our program, so you can create playlists with pictures as well.


Another our own  format of playlist is SMP (Sprintbit Media Playlist). this playlist also accepts pictures and you can mix pictures with audio or video files.