Playback Statistics

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Statistics is a feature that is tracking and displaying how often you have played your favorites media files.

Anytime the playback is started, either by you manually or by any other feature like scheduler, then the playback information is inserted into a statistics list automatically.


To open a Statistics window click on the Statistics button located at main software window ribbon bar in Media\Information group

The Playback Scheduler window is divided into following parts:


Toolbar which is grouping a few the commands you can use to work with files list
Files List
This list is a collection of files you have played




Create Playlist

Click on this button to create a playlist out of the files that are listed on the list.
Created playlist is sent to Main Media Player ready to play.

Please note that to avoid multiple entries in playlist only files with unique paths will be exported.


Remove Selected

Click on this button to remove selected items from statistics list


Remove All

Click on this button to remove all items from statistics list


Show Location

Click on this button to show a file location in File Browser



Click on this button to expand or collapse all groups on a list view.



Opens a Print Preview window where from you may print or export data to many external formats like PDF HTM TXT and more.



Files List

Here are listed all files you have recently played and its playback data. List columns:



The title of media file


The playback time of a media file


How many times a file was played


On this column information where from the playback of a file originated.

For example if a file playback was started from playlist then the playlist name is listed.

The other sources may be as Bookmark, Daily Scheduler etc

One file may be listed a few times on a list and that depends where from the playback started

Recent Date

Here is shown the most recent date when file was played.

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

in these columns you may see how many times a file was played on particular week days.


A path to file in your computer




By default the list is sorted by Count column data, but you can sort the data in other way.

To sort the statistics data click on a column caption.

You can also group column by dragging columns caption and dropping onto special drop box on the top of the list.

To regroup the grid just drag the column from the box and drop whenever onto a list.