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Media Library window as document window

Media Library window as standalone window

Media Library is a feature for cataloging and managing collection of your media files
Using this feature you can collect all your media files and create Artists catalog with theirs albums and files.

Using Media Library you can

Create hierarchical collection of your media files and organize them into artists, albums cards
You can add to artists, albums and media files a variety information about them such as:

Artist's pictures, discography and biography info
Albums covers (back, front, CD) and other various information
Songs lyrics, memos and a lot of other information like who wrote lyrics, media files properties etc
Play all Artist's songs at once, play whole albums or just single media files.
Store media files into a database. Media Library is not just cataloging feature but also may serve as your media files database.
It has ability to store physical files into a single database file as well. You can use it as you backup repository for your important audio and video files.
The storage capacity for media files is about 4 GB
Search your collection for media files
Online manual page of Media Library is available here

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